Social Media Marketing

It doesn't have to be the thing that steals your joy.


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Social Media

Images Only

You get 16 on brand, sleek, professional graphics and images each month for you to use as you'd like for your social media.  This is a great way to save hours of time without the financial commitment of a full-time social media manager.  


 Level Up 

Social Media


There won't be anything basic about these results! Great bang for your buck.  This is an impactful package without all the bells and whistles.


Includes 16 posts/month based on your social media strategy report, 30 stories, and 2-3 hours worth of engagement with followers to improve your algorithmic score.  You will receive a data report every quarter along with an updated strategy dependent on what your data says.  You will see a marked improvement in your accounts by quality follower who have high potential to translate to real paying customers.  

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$550 (1x fee)

Social Media

Strategy Only

You will receive a multi-angled 40 page report breaking down how, when and what to post on your social platforms. 


This is ideal for clients who want to manage their social themselves but want the extra guidance so that they can execute their social with an effective strategy that aligns with their business's goals.  


With this guide, you'll always know WHAT to post, WHEN to post it, and HOW to create the post.  Includes top tools to save you time, market research, identifies potential hurdles to success, mood boards, etc.

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Big Cheese

Social Media


If your budget is there than I highly suggest the Big Cheese.  The Big Cheese includes all that the Basic package offers but with a more in-depth, personal and tailored treatment of your accounts.  With guaranteed results, you will see your follower count rise while engagement and visibility improve.  Neutral Ground will closely follow your daily trends and insights, give guidance for paid ads, and adjust the social strategy on an as-needed basis.  We will engage in research to follow algorithmic trends as it applies to your specific industry and social goals, staying on top of your business's needs so that your social has the highest ROI possible.