Small Businesses and Google Reviews

How To Get Them, Why You Need Them

Imagine one day you’re exploring a new city. You’ve been walking all day and now your starved. It’s time to eat, but you’re not sure where to go and you don’t want to miss out on some of the top-rated restaurants in the area.

You pull out your phone, open Google, and search “top restaurants near me.”

A list of restaurants show up and the pressure is on. How do you choose?

You read the reviews.

There are a lot of benefits for having a strong Google review game including:

  1. Getting your business listed more prominently on Google maps

  2. Getting found on Google searches more often

  3. Providing easy and convenient answers to your potential customers

  4. Providing social proof that your business is worthy

One of the biggest benefits is that is creates a level playing field for all local businesses. Big or small, the business who takes advantage of Google reviews places themselves in a position to rank higher in local search results.

If Google thinks that the local clothing boutique provides a better experience than the local retail giant, that local shop can end up higher in the local search rankings. On Google, positive reviews have unprecedented power. A power to influence brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. And it doesn’t cost anything but two minutes of your time.

If you’re a small business owner and you just thought to yourself, “How do I get those?” don’t fret- I got you!

How do small businesses get more google reviews


Your website listing may not even be set up to receive reviews.

Whaaa?! How many people have gone to give you and your biz an

awesome review and...(GASP!)....there wasn't a review button. Here is an article that gives you a step-by-step guide to ensuring your Google link has a visible "Leave a Review" button on your listing.


Send the link directly to your customers via text, email, newsletter, carrier pigeon, whatever, just so long as they just have to make one click to get them there.

  1. Google your business

  2. Click “Write a review” on your business listing

  3. Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar

That's the Google review link to share with others! YW.


Offer an incentive for leaving a Google review like a discount or a freebie.

For example, if you leave Neutral Ground a google review using THIS LINK, you get 10% off your next design service! (See what I did there?)


If your business is new, ask your support system if they would leave a review for you.

Your family and friends are huge believers of you and your new venture, right? Tell them to put their keyboard where their mouth is and prove it with a 2 minute review!

Once you get a thorough collection of reviews that are detailed and look authentic, your business becomes that much more trust-worthy to strangers and even Google starts to thing you're a swell guy/girl. Sit back and watch those cold calls start coming in!

Have You Rocked the Shop?

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