New Instagram Features for Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

It's easier than ever to support your favorite small business!

Leigh Corbell

Instagram just released Story Stickers for business accounts geared towards restaurants and other small businesses.The idea is to encourage people to purchase gift cards and to order out and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

Anything to make getting local eats to my doorstep more convenient for me (I'm looking at YOU, Pop's Poboys and Central Pizza! I heart you.)

Lockdown life has been hard on everyone, but it's absolutely heartbreaking to see the forced closures and layoffs. There has been no better time to #shopsmall and I love that social media platforms are rallying to make it easy for consumers.


Story Stickers can be used on Instagram business accounts. To share a gift card, food order, or fundraiser stickers, just create a story like you normally would, and add the sticker to your story.

You will have to sign up for an account with a third party partner of your choice (from their list). For the food orders, is great and connects right to your Uber account, so that makes set up a breeze, but any will work! You may have to check what is available in your area before making that decision. If you have several options in your area, you should try taking the pulse of your customers and see what they prefer. Throw up a poll on your stories to see which platform they prefer and go from there!

I love for gift cards. They manage it all for you and take measures against gift card fraud. Set up is simple and their platform is intuitive. has a great article on how to drive sales with stoppable Instagram stickers. Even though the stickers continue to update, the strategy remains the same. Check that articl out for a more in-depth look from a marketing angle and if you need more help, Neutral Ground can always assist with a mini Marketing Strategy Report just for this purpose.


Once you've signed up, publish! You can also add an Action Button straight to your Instagram Profile so that your followers see it anytime they go to your account. You can do that by clicking "Edit Profile" button, then edit the "Action Button" section.


It may take a few days for consumers to start seeing businesses take advantage of these new sales opportunities. The better they are at adjusting, they quicker you'll see them utilizing what Instagram is handing them- which is a FREE, new and convenient way to get sales. Is it convenient for the businesses? We will see. Personally, I hope to see some of these new sales tactics (HELLO DRIVE THRU PARADISE) stick around even post-pandemic. It's made supporting small business easy, and that's a good thing no matter what's going on in the world.

What else would you like to see stick around post-pandemic?


I'm a digital marketing expert, creative intuit, and a lover of all data and strategy.  I'm forever troubleshooting, carpooling, diaper-changing and wine-drinking.  I'm a fierce friend supporter, and I love a great ribeye. I'm a lot of things.

But near the top of my list of favorite things to be is a business's creative partner. I'm incredibly passionate about helping entrepreneurs convert their skillset into a profitable, authentic business that allows them to live more and work less.

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