I'm Leigh Corbell

I'm one of those people who is good at several unrelated things so it was super hard to pick a career. I chose English as my major and earned two degrees which led me to be a teacher.  I loved teaching for several reasons but it didn't light my fire.  After having 3 kids back to back, teaching didn't make sense anymore, and I was left at home with babies, a computer and my *seemingly* unrelated set of skills.

I sat down and began to create with a baby on my boob.  I started to watch these unrelated skills- tech, writing, design, strategy, operations- weave themselves together in the most beautiful way.  And best of all- I realized that when woven together, they HELPED PEOPLE. And people PAID ME for it.  I hit the jackpot just by thinking strategically about my natural skillset.  

Now, I'm ready to help you capitalize and monetize your passion and skills. Let's convert those into a beautiful, efficient, successful business. I'm ready.  Are YOU?

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Phone: 318-393-2377

Email: neutralgroundcreative@gmail.com

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm


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